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Frame material
extruded and hand-welded Brass rods
Frame finish
glass top, bronze top
Top finish
PT6 glass top, PT7 bronze top, PT8 bronze top
PT6 83.25 x 83.25 x 34.50 cm, PT7 83.25 x 41.70 x 34.50 cm, PT8 41.70 x 41.70 x 34.50 cm
(w x d x h)
PT6 32.77 x 32.77 x 13.58 inch, PT7 32.77 x 16.41 x 13.58 inch, PT8 16.41 x 16.41 x 13.58 inch

Product Description

Cubist Chic Coffee-table Collection

For a client in New York we created this rectangular set of extruded and hand-welded low brass tables. We combined our PT6, PT7 and two PT8 Low tables to create a modular shape, grand enough to fill the space between his sofa’s and practical enough to use: he just slides one of the smaller ones closer to park his Manhattan. Since the client’s interior designer opted for a chic, sleek, monochroom look we suggested this combination of Black brass frames, Textured Bronze tops and for lightness and lines-play: a transparent glass top.

Combine with:

Our Bronze Low Tables are designed to match our Sit-Stirring collection: bespoke hand-made sofa’s and daybeds, created with reclaimed wood from Vintage Thai Houses and the same extruded and hand-welded frames we use in our BLT collection. Send us your preferred Fabric, or Jim Thompson code and we upholster for you.

Lead-time 12 weeks

contact us for a precise Global shipping quote within 2 to3 working days, your delivery address and indicate your preferred delivery: Door-To-Port or Door-to-Door?


More about our BLTs

P. Tendercool BLTs are a seriously simple collection of hand-made Bronze Low Tables, stools, benches, cocktail & side-tables, designed by Belgians Pieter Compernol and Stephanie Grusenmeyer.

Occasional tables, sit-sculptures to puzzle with, enjoy in-house or out-doors.

Create your own perfect sized table by combining BLTs with Lego-ease:

modular, compatible-sized tables, two heights to choose from, extruded Brass frames, Bronze tops…

Our textured Bronze tops are hyper-chic, super-sexy and sand-cast to perfection,

reason why we sign every single BLT,

by hand naturally.

Too much Bronze? Opt for Glass Class:

Mondriaan your BLTs with colored Glass tops or order BLTs ‘frame only’

and top them off with any material you love: Marble, Slate, Wood, Leather,…

anything goes as long it is flat.

Start with the space you have and puzzle your own ideal configuration.

Go for transparent tops if you are a carpet collector,

cherish hyper chic bronze

or indulge in purple pink with golden rims.

Anything Goes.

(if not, just replace the glass, done!)

We know we didn’t invent the ‘Square Table’, but our BLTs are truly unique in their sleek simplicity and

amazing functionality: our cross-profile frames fit any top without having to fix a thing: no screws,

no welding, no nothing.


BLTs are inspired by the iconic cross profile columns in Mies Van der Rohe’s Barcelona pavillion

and are a whopping 100% hand-made by Italian bronze-master Armando and his team.

Armando is hitting eighty and doesn’t even think of retiring, he simply loves his job, and we dearly love him.

Since the 1950’s his uncle and later Armando himself headed a major foundry in Milano.

He used to craft for Sculptors like

Lydia Silvestri and Salvador Dali. Can’t get more Old School then Armando!

He is now sharing his vast experience with us.

We are blessed.

100% hands – no Robots



P.Tendercool’s BLT frames are made with extruded brass rods and are 100% cut, welded, cleaned, brushed,

finished by Hand. Which means BLTs will never be machine-perfect:

some edges might be a bit rounded or very slightly out of angle.

There might occur small gaps when placed together and some welding traces might be visible.

BLTs show our hands…

They can be used outdoors but be aware that Brass and Bronze oxidizes:

although we apply a protective, maintenance-free primer-coating, minor discoloration over time will occur.

Antique dealers call this ‘Patina’. Expect this mainly with our ‘naked BLTs’, which show the natural brass, without coloring.

This ‘Patination’ phenomenon is perfectly normal, intentional and inevitable:

BLTs will age with grace.


We offer a range of tempered glass tops in many colors, or send us your swatch and we match.

We advise not to sit or stand on our BLTs with glass tops and note glass tops are typically are a few mm smaller than the frames to ensure they’d always fit: minor gaps between glass and frames are normal.

PHOTOS We take great care when we photograph our creations or produce our samples, but computer monitors differ,

colours may not be exactly rendered and BLTs are createdby hand, not by robots.

Some minor differences may occur, each is unique.

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