PT1M ATOP BS1 Chicken Wing Wood

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Table Type
One slab of Antique Chicken Wing Wood
Top finish
Bleached and Natural Oiled
PT1M base, Sand Cast Brass
Base finish
Golden Sand
203 x 77.5 x 71 cm
(w x d x h)
77.16 x 29.92 x 12.59 inch
Table number

Product Description

This is a true gem, a great working table for your living room.
The top is a single slab of antique Chicken Wing or Jichimu wood, one of the most beautiful wood varieties.
Actually furniture in this wood was very highly valued in Mingdynasty China and was favored by the literati or  scholars ,who surrounded themselves with the most precious objects made from natural materials. The found that the grain of this particular wood reminds them of the “feathers of a bird”.
While working on the concept for this table, we decided to slightly bleach the top for the grain to come out even better. 
We oiled the top with several layers of natural oil. Since the top is more than a hundred years old, you should not expect a machine perfect slab of wood: years of usage became years of character-building: a very touchy- feely top with some minor restorations. We added a brass dove-tail joint to prevent an old crack from expanding.
This table will age with grace.
We matched the hues of the top with our hand-cast PT1 brass base and applied a brushed finish.
We are pride of our work and therefor sign it: The table has our logo burnt at the bottom and a unique number stamped in it.

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