PT25 ATOP BS1 Makha

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PT25 ATOP BS1 Makha
one slab of Antique Makha wood, Afzeliatylocarpa
Top finish
Diamond oil
PT25 hand cast Brass
Base finish
natural brushed
294 x 79 x 84 cm
(w x d x h)
115,75 x 31,1 x 33,07 inch
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Product Description

Available from our Gallery in Bangkok
This is a Side-table with Capital “S”. It could be the mother of all side tables…
We created this table using one impressive, single slab of Antique hardwood.
(we used to be antique dealers and for the last years have been collecting a truly unique collection of single-slab hardwood, each a minimum of one hundred years old.
 we can safely state that no trees were killed to create P. Tendercool furniture)
Most of our collection concerns” people-size” slabs – since they were used to sleep on – This table real stands out due the impressive size…
At P.Tendercool we do not design for design sake, we don’t add decoration for decoration’s sake, we prefer materials to shine: rare hardwood and pure brass in simple lines…
The base is our PT25 table base and is derived from our PT2 base, but we made it a bit higher and changed proportions to reflect the use of massive thick slabs.
Since we created a sideboard we decided to create a higher base than traditional table height.
For the finish of the top we decided “pure” was the way to go: we hardly intervened, we carefully cleaned the old wood, carefully hand-sanded the wood and applied various layers of oil, respecting the usual drying times and sanding between layers.
We left the ‘traces of time’ along the edges and decided not to fill or restore any imperfections them.

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