Quality starts with the right ingredients

Antique Hardwood

Over a period of 15 years Stéphanie and Pieter collected about 200 slabs of antique Chicken-Wing wood (鸡翅木, Jīchì mù) for you to select from. This rare hardwood was venerated during the Ming Dynasty and coveted by literati and scholars for its beautiful grain ‘…like feathers of a bird…”


We are not greener than your average Martian but hate to kill trees to make furniture. We focus on sourcing amazing hardwoods reclaimed from traditional wooden houses, sadly sacrificed on the altar of progress (we are based in Bangkok).

Sand Cast Bases

Our table bases are sand cast, one by one, in Bronze, Brass or Aluminum by Italian Bronze-master Armando Benato and his team. This octogenarian worked with artists like Salvador Dalí. How’s that for a reference?

Welded Brass

Armando helped to set-up PT-Lab, our atelier. He groomed our welders, passing his 65 years of experience to them, literally a gift of a lifetime. Our coffee tables, sofa frames and shelves are welded by expert hands, trained by the master himself.

Italian Leather

Our chairs come dressed in fine Italian leather, tinted in small batches by a local tannery to be hand stitched to perfection in a small workshop specialized in wrapping gear shifts knobs of luxury cars. Clash of skills? We think not.

Luxurious Latex

We opted for pure natural latex for our Sofas & (Day)beds. These rubber mattresses offer unsurpassable comfort yet might cause Couch Potato Syndrome: your guests do risk overstaying their welcome.

Quick Dry Foam

All our Sofas & (Day)beds can be adapted for outdoor use. A quick back-to-lounge after that rain-shower!

Client Own Materials (C.O.M)

When we say “Bespoke”, we mean “Bespoke”: you can dress our Sofas & (Day)beds in any fabric you love. We’ll share yardage needed. As an alternative you may select any Jim Thompson fabric: pass us their code and we’ll order and upholster for you.