One Seater Lounge Chair with Footrest in Reclaimed Hardwood Frame with Brass Base (Indoor)

349,490 THB

We just added this new model the ‘PTR101’ to our sofa collection. With ultimate comfort and soft form, the sofa will be a great addition to the new range. The frame is crafted from reclaimed Makha Tae wood and mounted on solid brass base, this sofa effortlessly harmonizes style and comfort. The wooden frame showcases natural beauty, while the extruded brass base provides a strong foundation. Sink into the generously padded cushions filled to the brim with soft down feather with 100% latex core.

With the matching footrest for lounge chair, PTR101F, crafted with the same attention to detail and exquisite materials. It features a reclaimed Makha Tae wood frame, a solid brass base, and generously padded cushions filled with soft down feathers and a 100% latex core. This footrest is the perfect addition to complete your relaxation ensemble.

SKU:PTR101+PTR101F-MT-DO-BS1-JT-Jamboree(Falling Leaves)
Category: Sofa & (Day)beds, Indoor, Made-to-Order
  • Frame Reclaimed Makha Tae
  • Finish Diamond Oiled
  • Structure Extruded & Hand-Welded Brass
  • Finish Brushed Brown
  • Seating Latex 100% + Goose Feather
  • Bolster & Back Rest Duck Feather
  • Fabric JT - Jamboree (Falling Leaves)
  • Yardage 5 m + 2 m for a standard width of 140 cm (54 in)
  • Lounge Size (per piece) W 95 x D 87 x H 70 | Seat H 45 cm
  • W 37.4 x D 34.25 x H 27.55 | Seat H 17.71 in
  • Footrest Size (per piece) W 95 x D 62 x H 48.4 | Seat H 45 cm
  • W 37.4 x D 24.4 x H 19.05 | Seat H 17.71 in
  • Lead-time 12 weeks maximum
  • One Seater Lounge without Footrest include Fabric THB 228,350
  • Alternative Reclaimed Teak Wood without fabric THB 275,000
  • Alternative Reclaimed Red Wood without fabric THB 321,000
  • Alternative Reclaimed Burmese Black Wood without fabric THB 373,000
  • Alternative Reclaimed Golden Teak Wood without fabric THB 496,000
  • Alternative Reclaimed Chin Chan (Thai Rosewood) Wood without fabric THB 534,000

Reclaimed Hardwood
We are based in Thailand, ideally placed for some serious wood hunting and gathering. We regularly go on sourcing-trips to villages and wood shops where merchants buy up vintage houses, rice-barns and long forgotten structures. While Thailand no longer produces wood, a couple of generations back Teak wood was abundant. It is our job to score this beautifully aged wood and re-use it for our furniture. Real Reclaimed Hardwood, (not the sand-blasted machined crap many claim is reclaimed). Which means you will find some traces of the wood’s past life: traces of old joints, some pegs- or nail holes we filled. Our Sofas & (Day)beds are strong and sturdy, but they are not perfect. Just like we like them.

We were blown away when mattress-masters Theptex Thailand agreed to help us to soften our Sit-Stirring seating collection: we are humbled, and proud to announce our seats and bolsters are created with the purest, most natural latex, from real trees, from properly managed plantations, harvested by real people, created and processed by skilled workers in Lab-like environments. More mattress-memory than even the best memory foam, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, hypo-allergic are just a few perks you’ll enjoy.

Most importantly: our sofa’s sit Pretty Darn Well. Binge watching Peaky Blinders? Rest assured: Luxurious Latex, always a safe bed. One down-side: reasonable risk of couch-potato-guests overstaying their welcome.

All our pillows and cushions are filled to the brim with down and feathers or latex-flakes should you be allergic.

The Great Outdoors
Our Sofas & (Day)beds and loungers can be perfectly used outdoors. We’d change the latex to Quick Dry Foam and upholster with any outdoor fabric you send our way.

Rain Covers
We do not stock or make our rain cover in-house, so we cannot guarantee the lead time of production. Should you like to order a rain cover, please let us know the color you would prefer and we will do our very best to get you your rain cover as soon as possible.

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