Modular Brass, Bronze and Glass Low Table

263,000 THB

We love the play of contrast and textural richness in this custom version of our PT6 + PT7 brass low table made for our friend’s apartment in Paris. Inspired by the modernists, we created this cubist table in extruded brushed brass and hand-welded profiles, mastered by Armando – our 80-year-old Italian bronze master, who also created sculptures for Salvador Dalí himself. Topped it off with a sand cast top in textured bronze and reflective glass in burgundy and brown for a mature yet captivating materiality palette.

Category: Tables, Coffee / Occasional, Made-to-Order
  • Top Tempered Glass + Brozne Sculpture Structure
  • Finish Red Wine + Bronze Sculpture Structure Polished
  • Bottom Tempered Glass
  • Finish Chocolate
  • Frame Extruded & Hand-Welded Brass
  • Finish Golden Sand
  • Size W 125 x D 83.25 x H 34.5 cm
  • W 49.2 x D 32.8 x H 13.6 in
  • Lead-time 12 weeks maximum

Brass Low Tables (BLTs)
BLTs are occasional (coffee) tables, sit-sculptures to enjoy in-or out-doors. Puzzle your own ideal configuration by combining various BLTs with lego-ease: modular, compatible-sized tables available in two heights: 34.5 cm (13.6 in) and 40.6 cm (16 in).

We were inspired by cross-profile columns Mies van de Rohe used in the iconic Barcelona Pavillion when we created this modular low table collection with cross-profile frames in extruded and hand-welded brass: Mondrian your BLTs with any color glass or opt for wooden tops. Our textured, custom-made Bronze tops are hyper-chic and sand cast to perfection, reason why we sign every single BLT, by hand naturally.

Our BLTs match our Sofas & (Day)beds collection.

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